Friday, April 18, 2008

Knitting OCD

I have to admit that I have a little bit of OCD going on off and on in my life and it is interesting to me to see how it will manifest itself in the different areas of my life. With my kids it is their names. My first child's name has 5 letters and each child after has one more letter than the previous. There are other number things that I do but that would take a book to explain. :-)

I have recently noticed the OCD creeping into my knitting life. In my knitting bag I feel the need to have on the needles something for all the parts of the body. What this means is I currently am working on a hat, sweater,mittens, shorties, and several pairs of socks. When I finish up a sweater it is replaced with another sweater project. I am currently trying to figure out if a shawl is in the sweater category or if it will fall into it's own little area. I am thinking it will have it's own special place but if that is the case I need a bigger bag. :-)

Hmmm I think I will make myself a new knitting bag. I have this bag pattern by Amy Butler that I have been wanting to make for a long time. The question is do I use my current stash of fabric for it or do I wait for my Midwest Modern to show up. I have an idea for a little bag for my sock projects. I keep losing my tape measure and my extra DPN's in my bigger project bags. When I start digging around for them I end up with a big ol' yarn mess. So I hope to have that pattern worked out this weekend. Well looks like I have a lot on my plate so I better get going.

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