Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My Sister goes to estate sales and a few weeks ago she picked up this gem. It is so wonderful. The picture does not do it justice. It is a quilt that was done in the 30's and has really inspired me to use up my fabric stash to make some quilts for my family. So far I have started a small quilt of flannel and minky for my youngest. It is larger than a crib quilt but smaller than a twin. Well I am in the mood to sew now. Peace

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I always thought that winter would be a time of rest and reflection. I envisioned myself sitting by the fire knitting or catching up on reading seed catalogs. Well none of that has happened. I guess when most of your day is spent teaching your kids there is little time for leisure activities. I have got some seeds sprouting for spring planting so I am very excited about that. I have not finished any sewing projects and this winter exposed the need for quilts in our house so I have more sewing that needs to be done. I did finish my oldest son's night night shorts that I knit and he refuses to wear. I am at a loss on how to get him to sleep in clothes that will keep him warm. We did make good headway on school work and I am looking forward to our break in March to really get the garden going. We plan on putting in new beds and expanding some of our growing space. Here's a list of what we intend on growing:
tomatoes (trying some purple ones)
hot peppers
Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
Lemon Cuke
Mexican Sour Gherkin
Purple Hull Pinkeye
Little Marvel Pea
Milk Thistle
Kiwano (African Horned Cucumber)
So hopefully I can keep a journal of all of this here. I hope to have plenty to put up for the winter. Eating from the garden is so much tastier than what you get in the local grocery stores.
Okay off to try and read some Pride and Prejudice.