Monday, April 28, 2008

Hemp and Wool Dishcloths

I have been looking for an alternative to those yucky sponges and plastic dish things that simply do not work. Well I got myself in gear and actually knitted some dishcloths out of my hemp and wool yarn stash. I should have done this a year ago when I got the yarn because let me tell you my dishes are actually clean. My glasses do not have that film on them at all anymore. It is so weird because all this time I thought it was my dish soap that was causing the problem but it wasn't. It was my sponge. The great thing about hemp and wool is they both have wonderful antibacterial qualities occurring in them naturally. Not to mention you just throw them in the was and hang them in the sun to dry. I have recruited my oldest into helping me make more because this week I am throwing out all of our sponges. Great thing too is my new dishcloths are environmentally friendly. If you are in search of some hemp/wool to make your won I suggest going here. Stacey is great to work with.

Edit: Forgot to mention Wool felts so if you use 50/50 Hemp/wool there will be some shrinkage if you wash it in the washer.

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