Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunnyside Up Please

My sweet Dimitri is 3 years old and just teaches me so much about life that at times I feel overwhelmed with being the steward of his learning years. Yesterday he came to me and said eat. I was busy nursing his brother and told him just to wait a little bit and I would be right with him. I heard him go into the kitchen and then I heard the sound of pans. I thought he was just helping himself to the pasta on the stove because when he is hungry he wants his food pronto. So I figured well he took care of himself so that buys me a bit more time. When the little one was through nursing and taking a nap I went into the kitchen only to find two perfect eggs in a pan just waiting on me to cook them. What was so amazing is that he did not break the yolks and there was just a smidgen of eggshell in there. You see no one has ever told him that he cannot cook eggs so he was able to do at 3 what took me 30 years to learn or unlearn as the case may be. I realized that if no one puts limits on you then the world is without limitations. The beauty of it all is now he has that out of the way he is free to explore and learn so much more. He did not learn this by sitting in a sterile environment being told what it is he should be learning. He learned this by having a limitless environment where he can explore at will and try new things as he gets a whim too. The great thing is that no one calls a 3 year old fickle so he can change his mind and explore new things constantly instead of stagnating in a self imposed hell of I can only do one thing. I am 33 years old and a SAHM for now but some day I will be a nurse and a yoga instructor. I will paint silks and sew beautiful quilts. I will knit socks and see the world because I can learn from a 3 year old. As long as you believe it and can imagine it, it will be.

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loraine said...

I just love what my little one teaches me. That is a great thing Dimitri did. Teach them, show them, and they shall learn without limitation as you say. Great story and I'm sure he liked his eggs. Another great thing is you could tell what he wanted to eat- wonderful thing with a toddler. :-)