Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spring is in the Air..

We had a late frost this year that put us back to winter but the flowers are finally blooming and they are beautiful. This is one of my Peonies. I love these flowers. Well up until a big rain that turns them all to mush. :-) My tomato plants are doing great. I have about 40 this year and I plan to actually put some tomatoes up for the winter. I also have 4 onion plants. Yep the frost got most of those. I have a ton of garlic. Hopefully soon the weather will be warm enough to get the purple hull pinkeyes in the ground. I am well on my way to being a gardener. The first step in my quest to self sufficiency. The next step Raw Milk!!! That's this weekend and this time I get to get 5 gallons. I am hopping to be able to at least make a little butter or something with my milk this time. Last time we drank it all. MMMM it is good. Well the kids are up and my time has come to an end. At least this morning I got 30 minutes to myself before they got up.

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