Friday, May 4, 2007

Gotta Love Yarn

Yesterday I recieved some wonderfully wrapped yarn from Wear Your Art. My husband got a glimpse and thought it was chocolate. Nope for me it was even better it was sock yarn. It was wrapped so beautifully that he demanded he get to see it. Of course I got the yarn to knit him a nice pair of socks for Father's Day so he ruined his surprise. But let's face it I have 4 kids so he can expect them by Christmas at the earliest. This week was a great week for yarn in the mail. I also got some Aplaca yarn through my natural living swap group. It just might be my new favorite yarn. It is very soft and heavenly. Well I am going to give up hope for a bit on getting pictures up and will go ahead and post this so I do not have a naked blog. :-)

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