Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little Behind

We just got our Christmas tree put up this week. I am still trying to get it decorated. I have realized that my dream of all the ornaments being homemade this year is just a dream. I have my calender marked to get started in April of next year. I do have a nice picture of some felt ornaments that me and the kids made for the tree and once I get batteries I will post a picture of how they look on the tree. I am actually trying to avoid going to the store until after Christmas. I hate trying to wade through the crowds for something so small.

Who am I kidding I tend to stay out of stores from November to January. I just do not like the crowds of potential viruses floating around. Yuck!!!

Oh Yeah these ornaments are great to do with the little ones because they can help too and being rough with them makes the process go quicker. I just took some of our cookie cutters shoved in some wool batting from Peace Fleece put a dab of ivory soap on it add some warm water and poke it with some chopsticks. 15 minutes later you have nice little ornaments. My 22 month old had a grand time helping out. It was great to finally have something that did not involve glue.

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